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A trip to the theater, museum or art gallery could help you live longer. And the more often you get that culture fix the better, a new study suggests.

Researchers from University College London (UCL) found that people who engaged in the arts more frequently -- every few months or more -- had a 31% lower risk of dying early when compared to those who didn't. Even going to the theater or museum once or twice a year was linked with a 14% lower risk.
They looked at data given by more than 6,000 adults in England age 50 years and older, who were taking part in a wider study on aging.
"While other health behaviors like smoking, alcohol and exercise are undoubtedly bigger predictors of mortality, these leisure and pleasure activities that people don't think as a health related activity do support good health and longevity," said Daisy Fancourt, an associate professor at UCL's Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health.
How often an individual engaged in art activities, which also included exhibitions, concerts and opera but not cinema, was measured at the start of the study in 2004 to 2005. Participants were then followed up for an average of 12 years, during which time deaths were recorded using data from the UK's National Health Service (NHS.)
The study looked at a range of economic, health and social factors to try and explain why there is a link between "arts engagement" and living longer, although as an observational study it can't establish cause. Part of the reason, the study said, comes down to social and economic differences among those who go and don't go to museums, exhibitions and art galleries.


Wealth, they found, explained about 9% of the association. Cognitive differences, social and civic engagement, mental health, mobility and deprivation also played a role. Things like free time and occupational status made no material difference, said Fancourt.

"Part of the association is attributable to differences in socioeconomic status among those who do and do not engage in the arts," the study said.
研究称:“这种联系部分秒秒快三 —首页-归因于那些参加或不参加艺术活动的人的社会经济地位的差异。”
Fancourt said that engaging with the arts can act as a buffer against stress and build creativity that allows people to adapt to changing circumstances. It also helps people build social capital -- accessing emotional support and information that helps people age more successfully.
范克特说,参加艺术活动秒秒快三 —首页-以缓解压力,培养创造力,让人们适应不断变化的环境。它还帮助人们建立社会资本——获得情感支持,以及更加从容应对老龄的信息。
"We also thought that a greater sense of purpose could play a role," she said. "If this (study) is added to the larger body of evidence, we are getting an increasingly rich picture on how arts can benefit health and it's not about one single outcome. It can have wide ranging benefits and support healthier lives lived longer."
她说:“我们还认为,更强烈的目标感秒秒快三 —首页-能会发挥作用。如果把这项研究加入到更广泛的证据中,我们就会越来越多地了解到艺术如何有益于健康,而这不仅仅是一个单一的结果。它秒秒快三 —首页-以有广泛的好处,帮助人们健康长寿。”
This study did not look at the effects of taking part in art-related activities but a World Health Organization review of available evidence published last year found that both receptive participation, like visiting a museum, and active participation, like singing in a choir, had health benefits.
An editorial that accompanied the paper said that everyone should have the chance to take part in cultural activities and said the study added weight to growing concerns about the decline in arts subjects in schools and universities.
"Clinicians who read the paper might recognize the value of the arts, but will also wonder how engagement with culture and the arts could influence longevity," the editorial said.
社论称:“读过这篇论文的临床医生秒秒快三 —首页-能会认识到艺术的价值,但他们也会想,与文化和艺术的接触会如何影响寿命。”

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alcohol ['ælkəhɔl]


n. 酒精,乙醇,酒

engaging [in'geidʒiŋ]


adj. 动人的,迷人的,有魅力的

choir [kwaiə]


n. 唱诗班,唱诗班的席位

status ['steitəs]


n. 地位,身份,情形,状况

social ['səuʃəl]


adj. 社会的,社交的
n. 社交聚会

engage [in'geidʒ]


v. 答应,预定,使忙碌,雇佣,订婚

associate [ə'səuʃieit]


n. 同伴,伙伴,合伙人
n. 准学士学位获得

cognitive ['kɔgnitiv]


adj. 认知的,认识的,有认识力的

outcome ['autkʌm]


n. 结果,后果

engagement [in'geidʒmənt]


n. 婚约,订婚,约会,约定,交战,雇用,(机器零件等)




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