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Revision of Essay Drafts


Good morning everyone. In today's lecture, I'm going to talk about how to revise essay drafts and give you some tips as well. The initial revision should, of course, focus on the essay as a whole.

You'd ask yourself: do I reach my writing objective? Does my essay directly answer the question? Is my main idea clear? In order to answer these questions, what you need to do first is to revise for content. The typical rough draft may have too little and too much content all at the same time. It will have touched the surface of some portions of the essay without providing adequate explanation or convincing detail. At the same time, it may have discussed things that do not contribute significantly to your major points.
浣犱細闂嚜宸憋細鎴戞槸鍚﹁揪鍒颁簡鍐欎綔鐩爣锛熸垜鐨勬枃绔犳槸鍚︾洿鎺ュ洖绛斾簡杩欎釜闂锛熸垜鐨勪腑蹇冩濇兂娓呮鍚楋紵涓轰簡鍥炵瓟杩欎簺闂锛屼綘棣栧厛闇瑕佸仛鐨勬槸淇敼鍐呭銆微信群快三外围—官方网址22270.COM鑽夌ǹ涓瓨鍦ㄧ殑鍏稿瀷闂鏄绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-鑳藉悓鏃跺寘鍚お灏戝拰澶鐨勫唴瀹广傚畠绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-鑳藉湪涓浜涢儴鍒嗘硾娉涜岃皥锛屾病鏈夋彁渚涘厖鍒嗙殑瑙i噴鍜屼护浜轰俊鏈嶇殑缁嗚妭銆傚悓鏃讹紝瀹冧篃绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-鑳借皥璁轰簡澶鍜屼富棰樻棤鍏崇殑淇℃伅銆
So, what is a good essay then? A good essay eliminates irrelevant material while includes all the information necessary to your main point. Your reader needs sufficient evidence to accept what you are saying. So, you have to make sure you have adequately developed and supported your main idea. Content that is unrelated to the main idea should be eliminated.
Then, what is the second step in revision? That is revise for organization. A well-organized essay will group similar ideas together and put them in the proper order. If you find it easy to produce an outline from your draft, this means that there is a clear logic to the flow of the content. And you can be reasonably certain that you have a well-ordered essay; otherwise, reorder your content.
閭d箞锛屼慨鏀圭殑绗簩姝ユ槸浠涔堝憿锛熼偅灏辨槸淇敼缁撴瀯銆備竴绡囨潯鐞嗘竻鏅扮殑鏂囩珷浼氭妸鐩镐技鐨勮鐐圭粍缁囧湪涓璧凤紝骞舵寜閫傚綋鐨勯『搴忔帓鍒椼傚鏋滀綘鍙戠幇浠庝綘鐨勮崏绋夸腑寰堝鏄撳垪鍑哄ぇ绾诧紝杩欐剰鍛崇潃浣犵殑鏂囩珷鍐呭閫昏緫娓呮櫚銆備綘绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-浠ュ緢纭畾浣犵殑鏂囩珷甯冨眬鑹ソ锛屽惁鍒欙紝灏辫閲嶆柊甯冨眬浣犵殑鏂囩珷浜嗐

The third step you are advised to take is to revise for length. Is your essay approximately the right length? If it is substantially longer than the stated limit, you have to consider reducing the supporting material. But even if there's no stated limit, or you are allowed to write as long as you like, please adhere to a self-imposed limit.

绗笁姝ワ紝鎴戝缓璁綘淇敼鏂囩珷鐨勯暱搴︺備綘鐨勬枃绔犻暱搴﹀悎閫傚悧锛熷鏋滃畠姣旇姹傜殑闀垮害瓒呭嚭寰堝锛屼綘闇瑕佽冭檻鍑忓皯杈呭姪鍐呭銆備絾鏄紝鍗充娇娌℃湁鏄庣‘鐨勯檺鍒讹紝鎴栬呬綘绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-浠ラ殢鎰忎功鍐欙紝涔熻鍧氭寔鑷垜璁鹃檺銆
And unless addressing a topic that needs lengthy explanation, stick to it. The steps I have mentioned so far actually refer to revision of an essay as a whole. The next step is to revise for components of the essay including the paragraphs, sentences, and individual words. You may ask: how am I going to revise paragraphs? Well, I'd say a paragraph is not arbitrarily formed. It should revolve around an idea, a theme. Let me tell you one way to revise paragraphs: isolate a paragraph at a time, and make sure it runs smoothly and is not merely a bunch of unrelated statements put together. As for revision of sentences and words, most essay writers pile on one long sentence after another.
闄ら潪澶勭悊涓涓渶瑕佸啑闀胯В閲婄殑璇濋锛屽惁鍒欏潥鎸佷笅鍘汇傚埌鐩墠涓烘锛屾垜鎵鎻愬埌鐨勬楠ら兘鏄寚鍦ㄦ枃绔犳暣浣撳熀纭涓婄殑淇敼銆備笅涓姝ユ槸淇敼鏂囩珷鐨勭粍鎴愰儴鍒嗭紝鍖呮嫭娈佃惤銆佸彞瀛愬拰鍗曚釜鍗曡瘝銆微信群快三外围—官方网址22270.COM浣犵绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-鑳戒細闂細鎴戣鎬庝箞淇敼娈佃惤锛熷ソ鍚э紝鎴戞兂璇翠竴涓钀戒笉鏄殢鎰忓啓鎴愮殑銆傚畠搴旇鍥寸粫鐫涓涓兂娉曘佷竴涓富棰樸傝鎴戝憡璇変綘涓绉嶄慨鏀规钀界殑鏂瑰紡锛氫竴娆″彧淇敼涓涓钀斤紝纭繚瀹冧功鍐欐祦鐣咃紝鑰屼笉鏄竴鍫嗕笉鐩稿叧鐨勮鍙ュ爢鐮屻傚浜庡彞瀛愬拰鍗曡瘝鐨勪慨鏀癸紝澶у鏁扮殑鏂囩珷浣滆呴兘鏄涓涓帴涓涓殑闀垮彞瀛愯繘琛屼慨鏀广
Well, I'd suggest you avoid this by breaking up some of the longer sentences to provide variety. Use short sentences to make important points, and long sentences to explain complex ideas. Also try to use a variety of sentence structures to maintain reader interest. Eliminate sentences that sound awkward when read aloud. For diction, a very important tip is to eliminate imprecise or wordy language. For example, use although instead of despite the fact that; try to add vigor to your writing by removing cliches, and use fresh and interesting descriptions. Try to write as much as possible with nouns and verbs than primarily with adjectives that slow the pace and reduce impact. Similarly, right in the active, not the passive voice.
鎴戝缓璁綘閫氳繃鍒嗚В涓浜涢暱鍙ヤ娇鍙ュ紡鍙樺緱澶氭牱鍖栵紝浠庤岄伩鍏嶈繖绉嶆儏鍐点傜敤鐭彞鏉ュ己璋冮噸鐐癸紝鐢ㄩ暱鍙ユ潵瑙i噴澶嶆潅鐨勬兂娉曘備篃瑕佸皾璇曚娇鐢ㄥ悇绉嶅彞瀛愮粨鏋勬潵淇濇寔璇昏呯殑鍏磋叮銆傚垹鍘诲ぇ澹版湕璇绘椂鍚捣鏉ュ緢鍒壄鐨勫彞瀛愩傚浜庢帾杈炴潵璇达紝涓涓潪甯搁噸瑕佺殑寤鸿鏄垹闄や笉绮剧‘鎴栧啑闀跨殑璇█銆備緥濡傦紝浣跨敤鈥渁lthough鈥濊屼笉鏄渄espite the fact that鈥濓紱灏濊瘯閫氳繃鍒犻櫎闄堣瘝婊ヨ皟鏉ュ鍔犲啓浣滅殑娲诲姏锛屽苟浣跨敤鏂伴矞鏈夎叮鐨勬弿杩般傚敖閲忎娇鐢ㄥ悕璇嶅拰鍔ㄨ瘝锛岃屼笉鏄富瑕佺敤褰㈠璇嶆潵鍐欎綔锛岃繖浜涘舰瀹硅瘝浼氬噺鎱㈡枃绔犵殑鎺ㄨ繘閫熷害锛屽墛寮辨枃绔犵殑鏁堟灉銆傚悓鏍峰湴锛岃灏介噺浣跨敤涓诲姩璇侊紝鑰屼笉鏄鍔ㄨ鎬併
Now let me just repeat what I have said today. Revision is important. When you revise your draft as a whole, pay attention to content, organization and length. But don't forget to revise your essay in detail. Revision of sentences and words can also make the essay more interesting to readers.

閲嶇偣鍗曡瘝   鏌ョ湅鍏ㄩ儴瑙i噴    
irrelevant [i'relivənt]


adj. 涓嶆伆褰撶殑锛屾棤鍏崇郴鐨勶紝涓嶇浉骞茬殑

revolve [ri'vɔlv]


v. 鏃嬭浆锛岃冭檻锛屽惊鐜

evidence ['evidəns]


n. 鏍规嵁锛岃瘉鎹
v. 璇佸疄锛岃瘉鏄

outline ['əutlain]


n. 杞粨锛屽ぇ绾
vt. 姒傝堪锛岀敾鍑鸿疆寤

adhere [əd'hiə]


vi. 鍧氬畧浜庯紝瀵 ... 蹇犺礊锛岀揣鎶撶潃锛岄伒瀹

revise [ri'vaiz]


n. 鏍¤锛屼慨姝o紝鍐嶆牎绋
v. 鏍¤锛屼慨姝o紝鏍

smoothly [smu:ðli]


adv. 骞虫粦鍦帮紝娴佺晠鍦

theme [θi:m]


n. 棰樼洰锛屼富棰

variety [və'raiəti]


n. 澶氭牱锛岀绫伙紝鏉傝

lengthy ['leŋθi]


adj. 鍐楅暱鐨勶紝婕暱鐨



    绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-鑻辫瀹樻柟寰俊(寰俊鍙:ikekenet)


    娣诲姞鏂瑰紡1.鎵弿涓婃柟绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-瀹樻柟寰俊浜岀淮鐮併
    娣诲姞鏂瑰紡2.鎼滅储寰俊鍙ikekenet娣诲姞鍗崇绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-銆