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The French claim that visiting cards first appeared in their land in the seventeenth century while the Chinese seek to prove that visiting cards were invented by their ancestors shortly after they had concocted explosive powder. However, the first ever known sample of a visiting card, dating back to 1786, was found in Germany. Gradually, with the development of certain rules of use, the cards had become common by the nineteenth century.


Do you know which corner of a visiting card you must fold when leaving it with a footman in order to indicate that you have called on to inquire after the master's health? No? Neither do I, but only a hundred years ago this knowledge was as vital for an aristocrat as dancing and polite conversation.


Visiting cards used to be an indispensable attribute of the etiquette and the rules of their use were as sophisticated as those of cutlery. At that time visiting cards belonged to the notions of such consequence like title, rank, land, horses etc.

杩囧幓鎷滆鍗℃槸绀艰妭涓涓笉绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-缂哄皯鐨勭粍鎴愰儴鍒嗭紝鑰屼笖瀹冧滑鐨勪娇鐢ㄨ鍒欏儚椁愬叿鐨勪娇鐢ㄨ鍒欓偅鏍峰鏉傘江苏快三平台代理—官方网址22270.COM鍦ㄩ偅涓椂鍊欙紝鎷滆鍗℃湁濡傚ご琛斻佺瓑绾с佸湡鍦般侀┈鍖圭瓑涓鏍烽噸瑕併

First businessmen used their cards as marks of distinction and thus introduced the first modifications in their design. Later, as the growing demand for the cards boosted the development of the printing industry, more and more sophisticated card design patterns appeared.


On the other hand, there appeared an ever-growing social group of private entrepreneurs who had a constant need to exchange their contact information. These pragmatic people started to print out their own cheaper business cards to give them at presentations, exhibitions, conferences etc.


In the modern business card design, with its developed professional conventions, one can still detect the two conflicting approaches, the fanciful and the functional one. The purpose of the first approach is to show that there is nothing impossible for the card's owner. The more striking by its design and materials and the more sophisticated in its manufacturing technology, the card will be the better. What matters is the card's uniqueness. The content of the card does not matter much either.

鍦ㄧ幇浠e悕鐗囪璁′腑锛岄殢鐫鍏惰亴涓氬崗瀹氱殑鍙戝睍锛屼汉浠粛鐒剁绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-浠ュ療瑙夊埌浜掔浉鐭涚浘鐨勪袱涓柟闈細瑁呴グ鎬т笌鍔熻兘鎬с傜涓涓柟闈㈢殑鐩殑鏄负浜嗙偒鑰瀵逛簬鍚嶇墖涓讳汉鏉ヨ娌℃湁浠涔堟槸涓嶇绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-鑳界殑銆傝璁′笌鏉愭枡瓒婄簿缇庯紝鐢熶骇鎶鏈秺澶嶆潅锛屽悕鐗囧氨瓒婂ソ銆傞噸瑕佺殑鏄悕鐗囩殑鐙壒鎬с傚悕鐗囩殑鍐呭涔熶笉澶噸瑕併

The other approach, on the contrary, emphasizes functionality. It is the one that rules in the pragmatic West. And the English name of the item - "business card"- also focuses on its specific functionality. These cards are essential for those company workers that interact with clients. That is why, on the one hand, you can see a small clerk, a service engineer or even a heaver with his own business card and a head of the department without such if he or she does not interact with clients.

鍙︿竴涓柟闈㈡伆鎭扮浉鍙嶏紝寮鸿皟鍔熻兘鎬с傛敞閲嶅疄鏁堢殑瑗挎柟宕囧皻杩欎竴鐐广江苏快三平台代理—官方网址22270.COM姝ゅ锛屽悕鐗囩殑鑻辨枃鍚嶏紞"business card"锛嶄篃寮鸿皟浜嗗畠鍏蜂綋鐨勫姛鑳芥с江苏快三平台代理—官方网址22270.COM杩欎簺鍚嶇墖瀵归偅浜涗笌瀹㈡埛鏈夎仈绯汇佸湪鍏徃閲屽伐浣滅殑鑱屽憳鏉ヨ寰堝叧閿江苏快三平台代理—官方网址22270.COM杩欏氨鏄负浠涔堬紝涓鏂归潰锛屼綘浼氱湅鍒颁竴涓皬灏忕殑鑱屽憳銆佷竴涓淮淇伐绋嬪笀涔冭嚦涓涓惉杩愬伐閮芥湁浠栬嚜宸辩殑鍚嶇墖锛岃屽彟涓鏂归潰锛岄儴闂ㄥご澶村鏋滀粬锛忓ス涓嶅拰瀹㈡埛鎵撲氦閬撶殑璇濆嵈娌℃湁鍚嶇墖銆

Business cards used to be made exclusively of stiff paper (card), but today come in materials from plastics to thin metals and even glass! A name or business card reflects the owner - it should represent visually the company or the person passing it. Take the time to have a closer look at your own cards and decide if they really suit you and your company.


閲嶇偣鍗曡瘝   鏌ョ湅鍏ㄩ儴瑙i噴    
constant ['kɔnstənt]


adj. 缁忓父鐨勶紝涓嶅彉鐨
n. 甯告暟锛屾亽閲

contrary ['kɔntrəri]


adj. 鐩稿弽鐨勶紝鎴劧涓嶅悓鐨
adv. 鐩稿弽(

social ['səuʃəl]


adj. 绀句細鐨勶紝绀句氦鐨
n. 绀句氦鑱氫細

explosive [iks'pləusiv]


adj. 鐖嗙偢(鎬)鐨
n. 鐐歌嵂

conversation [.kɔnvə'seiʃən]


n. 浼氳瘽锛岃皥璇

inquire [in'kwaiə]


vt. 璇㈤棶锛屾煡绌
vi. 璇㈤棶锛屾煡绌

fold [fəuld]


n. 鎶樺眰锛屾姌鐥
vt. 鎶樺彔锛屽寘锛屼氦鍙夛紝鎷ユ姳

consequence ['kɔnsikwəns]


n. 缁撴灉锛屽悗鏋

impossible [im'pɔsəbl]


adj. 涓嶇绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-鑳界殑锛屽仛涓嶅埌鐨

exclusively [iks'klu:sivli]


adv. 鎺掍粬鍦(鐙崰鍦帮紝涓撻棬鍦帮紝浠呬粎锛屽彧)



    绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-鑻辫瀹樻柟寰俊(寰俊鍙:ikekenet)


    娣诲姞鏂瑰紡1.鎵弿涓婃柟绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-绉掔蹇笁 鈥旈椤-瀹樻柟寰俊浜岀淮鐮併
    娣诲姞鏂瑰紡2.鎼滅储寰俊鍙ikekenet娣诲姞鍗崇绉掑揩涓 鈥旈椤-銆